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18 Jun 2024
by Tom Lindsay
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At the recent All Island SDG Symposium, Tom Lindsay, co-founder and director of Act and Accelerating Action, introduced an innovative approach to sustainability management. Accelerating Action, their cutting-edge software, empowers teams to assess, communicate, and enhance the environmental, economic, and social impacts of their projects, plans, and policies, aligning them with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Accelerating Action: A Three-Step Process 

Accelerating Action simplifies the complex task of sustainability management through a straightforward three-step process: 

  1. Input Basic Information: Users begin by entering essential details about their actions, which can range from policies and projects to plans. 
  1. Select Relevant Tags: The software provides a list of keywords (tags) related to sustainable development and SDGs, allowing users to select those that are most pertinent to their actions. 
  1. Map to SDG Targets: Users then map their actions to a curated shortlist of relevant SDG targets, detailing the positive or negative impacts and the specific actions taken to meet these targets. 

This process makes it easy for organizations to align with the 169 SDG targets and maximize their sustainable impact. 

Wide-Ranging Applications and Impact 

Accelerating Action is already in use by Ireland’s government, county councils, businesses, and universities. The software has been instrumental in: 

  • Government Reporting: The Department of Environment, Climate and Communications uses it to report SDG progress to the UN and enhance the national climate plan. 
  • County Councils: Councils across Ireland utilize it for their climate plans, creating shared visions and baselines for their sustainable impact. 
  • Community Groups: Communities use the software to align their initiatives, baseline impacts, and apply for funding, as demonstrated by the success of the Acorn Farm project. 
  • Universities: Institutions like Galway University employ the software to showcase the sustainable impact of their staff’s research and teaching activities. 

Learn More and Get Involved 

The SDGs provide a comprehensive framework for sustainable decision-making, setting a clear direction and enabling organizations to communicate their multifaceted impacts effectively. Accelerating Action aids in de-risking actions, mobilizing support, and focusing on meeting specific targets, which is crucial for achieving the goals by 2030. 

To watch Tom Lindsay’s full presentation and learn more about how Accelerating Action can help your organization, click here. For further details, visit or contact Tom directly at 

Transform your sustainable impact with Accelerating Action – the quick, simple, and effective way to align with the SDGs and drive meaningful change. 

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