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Now is the Time to Apply for €3million Creative Climate Action Fund

16 Feb 2023
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Applications are still being accepted for the €3 million Creative Climate Action Fund to support imaginative creative projects that build awareness around climate change and empower citizens to make meaningful behavioural changes. 

The key objective of Creative Climate Action funding is “to provide support for creative and cultural-based projects that engage the public about the behaviour changes society will have to make to address climate change”. It is part of the Programme for Government commitment to “support Creative Ireland in its ‘Engaging the Public on Climate Change through the Cultural and Creative Sectors’ initiative.” 

A new dimension to the fund was added via Shared Island Funding €600,000 under the government’s Shared Island initiative.  

This funding can be granted for projects “with a strong all-island, north-south or east-west partnership and dimension to the activity, or where an entire project is conceived and delivered on a Shared Island basis. To be eligible for the funding available under this heading there must be a partner from Northern Ireland named in the application who will deliver elements of the funded activity”. 

There are 2 funding strands. 


This strand is for those looking to pilot a new idea, or who want to deliver a creative project at a local level. Organisations, community groups and creative groups who can inspire, build knowledge, skills and confidence are welcome to apply for grants between €20,000 and €50,000. 


This funding strand is suitable for those with experience in delivering public engagement projects at scale, and are proposing durational projects with extensive public participation. Applicants may be eligible for grants between €50,000 and €250,000. 

Significance for All-Island Collaboration 

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the important role that the arts can play in addressing the pressing issue of climate change. In Ireland, this has led to the creation of the Creative Climate Action Fund, which supports artists and cultural organizations in their efforts to create work that raises awareness about and addresses the impacts of climate change. 

It’s a significant step forward for all-island collaboration in Ireland, that the new cross-border dimension has been added  

It recognizes the importance of all-island collaboration in addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Climate change is a global issue that knows no borders, and it is essential that artists and community organizations in Ireland work together across the border in order to have the greatest impact. 

Secondly, this new funding opportunity provides a platform for artists and cultural organizations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to collaborate and share their perspectives and experiences.  

This has the potential to lead to a deeper understanding of the impacts of climate change in both jurisdictions and a more nuanced and inclusive response to the crisis. 

It sends a clear message that, despite political and cultural differences, both governments are united in their efforts to address this pressing issue. 

Learn More 

For full guidelines and application details for both strands, please visit the Creative Ireland website here. 

Deadlines for applications for both strands is Monday, 13 March @ 5pm. 

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