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Outreach Fund Currently Accepting Applications

18 Jun 2024
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The Royal Society of Chemistry funds a broad range of projects and organisations that connect communities with the chemical sciences. Through this, we want to help bring different people and organisations together to share ideas, develop meaningful partnerships, inspire new ways of working and encourage dialogue about the importance and role of chemistry in making the world a better place.

Engagement encompasses many approaches with diverse people in different settings – from schools and laboratories to museums and gardens. We are interested in funding projects and organisations that work with different audiences including youth, families, young carers, older adults or school groups.

We are particularly interested in funding work with under-served and under-represented audiences including people with disabilities and people facing social, economic and educational disadvantages.

Through the Fund we aim to support projects or programmes that:

  • Develop science communication skills of chemists – building capacity and opportunities for chemists and chemical scientists to engage with schools and public audiences
  • Engage with school students – inspiring and raising aspirations of student audiences to nurture a future generation passionate about the chemical sciences
  • Engage with public audiences – involving a wide range of people in relevant contemporary issues in the chemical sciences
  • Provide under-represented audiences, communities and places with inspiring chemistry engagement opportunities, delivered or coordinated by skilled people.


Applicants/applications to the outreach fund must:

  • be aged 18 and over
  • be a UK or Republic of Ireland (ROI) resident (with a UK or ROI address and bank account), or are applying on behalf of an organisation registered in the UK or ROI
  • not resubmit an unsuccessful Outreach Fund application unless invited to do so
  • be submitted in line with the specified deadlines for consideration in a particular funding round. If an application deadline is missed, it may still be submitted in the instance that the fund remains open to applications, but will not be reviewed by the assessment panel until after the next submission deadline
  • have a significant aspect which is related to the chemical sciences.

More info:

Full guidelines and application details available here:

Upcoming deadlines: 9 September 2024

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