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PEACEPLUS Investment Area 5.2 – Marine and Coastal Management: Apply Now

18 Jun 2024
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The SEUPB are now accepting applications to the PEACEPLUS Programme, Investment Area 5.2 – Marine and Coastal Management.

The marine and coastal environment plays an important role in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Coastal habitats such as sand dunes, salt marshes, seagrass, kelp and shellfish beds are nature-based solutions that provide coastal protection and carbon storage. There is increasing recognition of the need to protect and restore these habitats. Marine renewable energy provides opportunities to transition towards the net zero emissions target, however decision support tools are needed to ensure development proposals consider potential impacts to marine environment.

The marine environment is transboundary in nature and is well suited for cross-border collaboration. The extent and severity of the situations to be addressed differs across the Programme Area. On this basis, area-based studies will be required to develop bespoke, place-based solutions. This collaboration will result in an improved performance in achieving related targets set at national and European levels. It will deliver economic, social and environmental benefits, with the view to have a sustainable, lasting legacy across the Programme Area.

Objective of this call

This objective will enable a cross-border approach to the protection of the marine and coastal environment from potentially damaging human activities and support the development of climate change adaption plans which will increase the resilience of ecosystems, coastal communities, infrastructure and the marine economy. It will promote climate change adaptation and sustainable marine and coastal management.

It will result in improved knowledge and management of the transboundary marine environment, and a Programme Area which is more resilient and responsive to climate change and threats from human activities.

€24.8m is available in this call. Applications to this call must be received no later than 5pm on Wednesday 10th July 2024. The SEUPB will not accept applications after this date.

How to apply

To apply to this call for funding, or to find more information on the application process, including how-to documents and videos, please see here:

For general queries about the call please contact the SEUPB on

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