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Sustainable Development Goals & Indicator Reports: Central Statistics Office

18 Jun 2024
by Dr. Mary Smyth, Statistician
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Dr. Mary Smyth presented data related to SDG Goal 17, which focuses on partnerships for achieving SDGs. Her presentation highlighted data specifically for Ireland, using infographics and signposting various thematic reports. Her presentation emphasized the importance of data in tracking progress towards SDG 17 and provided resources for further exploration of the data.  

A summary of key points and relevant links are highlighted below.  

1. UN SDG 17 for Ireland 

  • The below infographic shows data highlighting commercial rates as a percentage of budgeted income for local authorities in Ireland. 
  • Other indicators include total revenue as a proportion of GDP, internet broadband connections, net official development systems, and exports. 

1. UN SDG 17 for Ireland

2. Indicators for SDG 17 

Goal 17 includes 24 indicators, with data sourced by the CSO: 


Goal 17 includes 24 indicators, with data sourced by the CSO:







Census in the Last 10 Years; and (b) Have Achieved 100 Per Cent Birth Registration and 80 Per Cent Death Registration 

Selected examples from the above indicators include: 

  • Official Development Assistance (ODA), broadband subscriptions, and main exports. 
  • Ireland’s main exports (54%) go to the US, UK, or Germany. 
  • Indicator 17.19.2 covers the recording of births and deaths and census production, highlighting differences between developed and developing countries. 


3. EU Sustainable Indicators

  • The EU has its own set of sustainable indicators, reflecting the specific needs of developed countries. 
  • These indicators overlap with the UN list and provide a geospatial breakdown where possible. 
  • The CSO publishes Regional EU Sustainable Development Indicators, which can be explored via links in the infographics. 

3. EU Sustainable Indicators

EU indicators- Goal 17 

Global partnership 

Financial governance within the EU 

  • SDG_17_40 General government gross debt 
  • SDG_17_50 Share of environmental taxes 

Access to technology 

CSO’s SDG: Regional EU Sustainable Development Indicators for Ireland 2022 

EU Sustainable Indicators: 

4. CSO Thematic Reports: 

    • Climate Action (Goal 13): Highlights greenhouse gas emissions by sector and a map of Europe showing the highest emitters. 
    • Educational Attainment: Data broken down by primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, with a county-level map and EU comparison. 
    • Internet Coverage and Usage: Data on household internet coverage, usage by age group, and household composition. 
Ireland's UN SDGs Goal 13 Climate Action 2021 Central Statistics Office
Ireland’s UN SDGs Goal 13 Climate Action 2021 Central Statistics Office


thematic report


internet coverage

5. Useful Links

CSO’s SDG Statistics Publications:

Queries to CSO’s SDG email:

CSO website:  

Queries can be sent to for further information. 

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