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Watch Video from Collaboration Between The Wheel’s Leadership Academy and iCommunity

21 Nov 2023
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The above video shares highlights from a recent collaborative event between The Wheels Leadership Academy and iCommunity, a joint initiative of NICVA and The Wheel, added a unique dimension, fostering a space for  share practices, and learning from each other.

Speakers, Yvonne Fleming and Jonny Currie, brought their wealth of experience and passion to the forefront. Yvonne, a senior manager at Crosscare in Dublin, and Jonny, the Northern Ireland Lead for The Trussell Trust, shared their journeys and commitment to transforming the landscape of foodbanks. Both speakers echoed a shared vision — a society without foodbanks.

The speakers shared in an incredibly insightful conversation delving deeply into the essence of leadership and societal change with a special focus on re-designing how organizations serve their communities. Some of the crucial questions explored in the context of food poverty on this island were:

  • At what point do we need to step back and examine the wider impact of our work?
  • How do we secure buy-in from decision makers and stakeholders?
  • How do we communicate changes to service users and the public?
  • How have these leaders managed sensitivities in the transition from charity to justice. 

Sharon Hughes, the Leadership Academy Manager,  facilitated the discussion. Not visible in the recording were the engaging networking sessions that is a feature of many of our online and face to face events where we create an environment where attendees can connect, share ideas, and explore possibilities.

The event not only showcased the incredible work of organizations striving for positive change across the island of Ireland, but also provided a platform for leaders to reflect on their roles in shaping a more just and equitable society.

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