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Featured Podcast – 2. Social Enterprise

16 Feb 2023
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We invited guests from across the island’s regions and jurisdictions to explore the challenges faced by communities. These conversations were rich with perspectives from a diversity of ages and traditions, abilities and genders, and experiences from engaging on issues such as mental health in a post-conflict context, rural isolation across the island, digital poverty, the biodiversity activists, climate change, justice and equality, inclusion, and cross-community work.

Featured Episode

The Creative Climate fund we talk about in our funding round up below is an example of the growing acknowledgement of the role of the arts, language and culture as a vibrant part of civil society. In this episode of Across Divides, we discussed their role in addressing the legacy of conflict and contemporary challenges across the island. Our guests talk about the arts as a platform for storytelling and critical thinking, and a catalyst for change in wider society.

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